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The walls of Norwegian illustrator and graphic designer Trine Natskår’s Copenhagen apartment are decorated with lively murals that she painted herself. Natskår has been drawing ever since she was a child and enjoys letting her imagination run free, drawing from intuition. Her drawings, illustrations and graphic design can best be described as colorful and light-hearted, yet relaxed.

Natskår runs her own studio in Copenhagen, where she has lived for almost half of her life. She moved to the Danish capital from Stavanger, Norway, when she was only 19 to study visual Communication at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. As an artist, Natskår strives to find the balance between her two mediums. As a graphic designer, she designs magazines and books, while as an illustrator, she taps into her artistic and intuitive side.

We spoke to Trine Natskår about the different aspects of her work and style, how she ended up studying in Copenhagen, and the ups and downs of running her own studio.