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Creatively engaging with his past and identity, Iceland-based painter and visual artist Lukas Bury challenges his own experiences through painting. Influenced by growing up in Germany (Bonn and Berlin) while having a Polish background, as well as now living in Iceland, national identification with objects has become one of Bury’s main motifs.

With references to still life and kitsch, Bury’s paintings represent the elements in our every day life that often go unnoticed but are crucial in identifying with a specific culture or time.

His most recent exhibition was “Extraterritorial,” curated by Ana Victoria Bruno in Reykjavik’s Polish supermarket Mini Market. He is currently part of the museum show “RAW POWER” at Reykjavik Art Museum, which will run until May 2021, and he has a solo show planned for fall 2021.

We spoke to Lukas Bury about how politics plays a role in his work and the Reykjavik art scene: