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Finnish visual artist Jonna Kina has a unique way of viewing the world. She works across a variety of mediums including installation, sculpture, and video. In her latest series of work, she has focused on the short film: “Akiya,” “Somniv,” and “Arr. for a Scene,” which was exhibited at the Charlottenborg spring exhibition in Copenhagen in 2020.

Each film has its own take on reality. In “Arr. for a Scene,” she points towards the hyper-reality of sound in movies. “Akiya” highlights the intricate details of narrative and interpretation, and in “Somnivn” she confronts our experience of man-made quarries.

Kina has studied in her native Finland as well as New York City and Jerusalem. Her art explores the power of sound as well as the concept of reality versus facade.

We talked to Finnish artist Jonna Kina about the importance of sound in her art, her process of creating, and what is coming up this year: