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Embroidery lies at the heart of Icelandic artist Loji Höskuldsson’s visual art. He uses embroidery to highlight a particular Icelandic nostalgia: a yearning for summer.

His art is playful, sincere, and speaks to the viewer warmly. With a hint of imperfection, it has a relaxed tone with a touch of humor. In his practice, he manages to contrast the delicate and often tedious craft of embroidery to the transient nature of the summer days the embroidery symbolizes.

Having fun during the creative process is imperative for Höskuldsson. He enjoys what he does and has kept his mediums broad, from performance art and music to the still life he emphasizes in his work today.

We sat down and talked to Höskuldssons during a beautiful summer day, not dissimilar to the type he tries to capture in his art: